Dedicated to Fixing VA's Broken Child Support System



  1. “Child Support is about taking care of children.”---Ideally, a child should spend equal time with each parent and each parent should take care of the child during their time with the child.  Child support basically replaced WELFARE for the mothers.
  2. “Child Support guidelines are based on a fair determination of what it takes to raise a child.”---Child support guidelines were created decades ago by the same company that was hired to collect it.  Guidelines were set arbitrarily high because the more the company collected, the more it got paid.
  3. “Child Support orders are calculated accurately.”---Most orders are calculated incorrectly.  Custodial Parents are not required to document their income, and there is no penalty if they lie about it.  While all CS workers have access to State and Federal pay records, they do not verify their income.  Furthermore, judges often “impute” income for the Noncustodial Parents.  They calculate support based on how much they “think” the Parent should be earning rather than what he actually earns.  They almost never impute income on the Custodial Parent.
  4. “Child Support obligations are based strictly on the needs of the child.”---States receive federal funding based on how much support they collect so the orders are set arbitrarily high to collect more funding.
  5.  “Child Support has to be spent on the child’s health, well-being and care.”---Recipients of child support are not required to prove that the amounts received are 1) necessary to meet the children's needs or 2) are actually spent on the children.
  6. “Both parents are responsible for financially supporting his children.”---If the mother refuses to work, the government provides her with welfare, food stamps, medical assistance, housing assistance, educational; assistance and daycare, but if dad can’t pay--even due to a disability, he can be imprisoned and forfeit all his assets.
  7. “A Non-Custodial Parent is responsible for financially supporting his children.”---A child needs two active parents in his life, not a child support check.
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